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Brooklyn, NY 11249

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182 Halleck St
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          CRITICAL MASSIVE is a New York based mural company that paints commercial and artistic murals nationwide.  Originally founded in 2003 to produce commercial graffiti mural campaigns on a national level, our experience and capabilities have since expanded to include traditional hand-painted media, sign painting, painted storefronts and retail interiors, advertising design, video production, events, and more. Developing expertise in these areas has allowed us to leverage the unique skills of our artists in order to satisfy the specific needs of our clients. Whether painting with aerosol, brush, or other techniques, our artists employ the appropriate combination of painting methods for any given job.

          Critical Massive lives to produce outdoor advertising murals that enhance the visual environment and are respectful of the communities in which they live.  We work in cooperation with local businesses, artists, and other community members to offer a unique, high-impact, and visually-appealing outdoor media format.  To see more examples of our work click here.

          We maintain a national network of locations with over 200 legal mural spaces across the nation and can execute campaigns at any scale.

          Our creative work has been recognized within the Out Of Home industry and we’ve produced multiple award winning outdoor advertising campaigns.  Clients often license our mural designs for additional purposes or other media platforms, such as billboards, print, and online usage.